Episode 0001

Episode 1 - How to Delegate Account Access in GoDaddy

Are you looking to hire a web designer or web developer or already have one and need to know how you can give them access to your website's domain on GoDaddy without giving them your account email and password? (Don't do that, by the way!) GoDaddy has a simple process to delegate access to whoever needs access to the DNS for your GoDaddy account. Just follow these simple steps to grant access, and your web designer or web developer can help you in no time! Also, you can learn more about our web design and Marketing services for Evangelical Churches by visiting https://www.faithventuremedia.com. We have a full Marketing package called Disciple Generation, and we also offer a simpler web design and branded Church Management System package that's called MissionSites360. Either way, you can learn more at https://www.faithventuremedia.com.